Davos on the Delta

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May 15–17  |  Memphis, TN

Davos on the Delta sits at the crossroads of agriculture, where the most innovative entrepreneurs, top industry experts, early adopter customers and smart investors in risk capital come together. Join us May 15-17, 2018 in Memphis for two days at the center of the biggest trends in agriculture, including how new technologies and innovative business models are redefining the future of ag.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

– Einstein

Seeing Past the Hype: Which Agtech Solutions will Actually Increase Farm Profits?

The Beef Came from Bessie: How Sight Into the Supply Chain Changes Agriculture for the Better

Crickets - It’s What’s for Dinner: Insects, Lab Grown Meat, and our Alternative Protein Future

Up, Up and Away: The Truth Behind the Possibilities and Limitations of Vertical & Indoor Farming

Feed the World: What We Need to Grow for Home, and What We Need to Grow for the World

Limited to no more than 200 participants and held alongside the world famous Memphis in May music and BBQ festival, Davos on the Delta is the can’t-miss ag industry event of 2018, featuring presentations by market-leading companies as well as startups, group discussions and one-on-one networking. Over the course of two full days, participants will explore the changing agriculture landscape and the new opportunities it is creating across the value chain. Last year, we discussed CRISPR, the implications of RNA in agriculture, bioreactors and more.


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2018 Topics

Good Bugs

Nematodes have been called “the greatest unsolved problem farmers face in almost all their crops.” We are just now beginning to understand the beneficial role microorganisms play in plant health. What role do various additives play in nutrient conversion? How do they help with disease prevention? What can they do to accelerate growth?


Bio-hacking is cool among Millennials, but more and more consumers are viewing the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their foods as a negative. But do they care about the method or the result? What does the future hold for GMO crops? How do gene edited crops differ? And could a genetically edited crop someday actually be labeled as organic?


The car as we know it is about to disappear. The use of electric and autonomous vehicles is growing rapidly, and that means big changes for U.S. oil and ethanol. Where does oil need to be to continue to make ethanol viable? What role will government subsidies play going forward? Will ethanol become an export product?

Alternative Proteins

The world is eating more meat than ever before, but cattle are expensive and resource inefficient. What’s the future of protein? Are we going to be eating crickets and hemp protein? What will this mean for livestock feed? The future is unlikely to lie in just corn, soy and wheat.


Labor and inputs remain the highest costs on the farm, and robotics can help to reduce both. What would it mean to have bots that zap weeds or deliver precision fertilizer applications? How can artificial vision improve  the picking of ripe fruit? What will these robots mean for the farmer’s bottom line?

Supply Chain

Farmers remain under incredible financial pressure, but not everyone in the supply chain has the same economics. What is being done to balance the risk/reward ratio throughout the supply chain? Are there technologies that will help lower costs? How can financial partners help farmers better manage their businesses?

Farm Tech

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other new technologies are transforming the field. What will multi-variable optimization mean for yields? How are farmers harnessing the power of Big Data What are we learning about water, fertilizer, lighting, and other inputs?

Consumer Demands

Amazon is now selling burgers that can be traced back to a single cow. It isn’t personalized food, but it’s close. Consumers are becoming more demanding, not less. What will consumers demand next? What will this trend toward transparency mean for producers? How can the industry keep up?

Indoor Farming

The world is on track to run out of arable farmland in the next century, but the population continues to spiral upward. Indoor and vertical farms are far more efficient, boost yields, and allow producers to operate closer to their end consumers. Is indoor farming the future of food?


Consumers are pushing for more transparency in the supply chain because they want to know what they are eating and make sure that they are getting what they are paying for. Food manufacturers are demanding traceability because of food safety issues. Should the industry be afraid of these issues or embrace them? How can we maximize this opportunity?


Food security is a national security issue, and increasingly the global market is focusing on individual countries. While the ongoing discussion is about how we are going to feed the world, what opportunity will the American farmer truly to participate in the process? What does this mean for the crops we are producing and how we are producing them?

You’re Invited. Special Industry Party!

Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest

The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest is a four-day event taking place alongside Davos on the Delta in downtown Memphis with the Mississippi River as the backdrop. More than 230 teams come from over 25 states and several foreign countries to participate in America’s most prestigious barbecue competition. All “Davos on the Delta” participants are invited for the most smoke-filled fun of your life. This setting is perhaps the most important element to the unique nature of this conference. It provides a private opportunity to build key relationships within the industry that will form the foundation of trust needed to accelerate AgTech innovation. Attendees often end up migrating to Beale Street late into the evening, enjoying the unique qualities of Memphis and the live music scene it offers.

The World Famous Peabody Hotel

With a style and tradition befitting one of Memphis’ grandest, most legendary hotels, The Peabody Memphis offers a magnificent bridge between the “Blues City’s” celebrated past and cosmopolitan present. Nestled in the heart of downtown, our historic Forbes Four-Star, AAA Four-Diamond hotel offers a one-of-a-kind experience just blocks from Beale Street, the Memphis Rock ‘n Soul Museum, the Gibson Guitar Factory, Fed-Ex Forum, Sun Studio, the Orpheum Theatre and the Memphis Cook Convention Center. Of course, The Peabody itself is also one of Memphis’ most beloved attractions. Peabody history dates back to 1869 and when the original Peabody Hotel opened on the corner of Main & Monroe and immediately became the social and business hub of Memphis. It was 1933 when ducks were originally placed in the hotel’s lobby fountain, setting in motion an 80-year tradition that continues today with the March of the Peabody Ducks. The Peabody name has become synonymous with the 5 North American mallard ducks that are now the living symbol of the Peabody brand.

Book a room by calling 1-800-PEABODY and ask to be part of the Davos on the Delta room block.

149 Union Ave,
Memphis, TN 38103

“Davos on the Delta is the most efficient forum for me to keep up with important developments and trends in agri-business technology, especially where there is crossover with the aerospace sector, where I mentor and invest in startups.”

Don Winter

Aerospace and Defense Consultant , (Retired) Vice President, Boeing Research & Technology

“Davos on the delta is a unique and refreshing event that should be a MUST show for anyone interested in understanding and or influencing Ag innovation! As an agtech entrepreneur the event was very useful in helping me communicate our product innovation to an engaged group of agtech investors and innovative farmers. We were able to collaborate with the right people who could help us move our technology forward!”

Barrett Ersek

CEO, Founder, Holganix

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May 15-17, 2018


May 15-17 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN


General Admission: $1000 per attendee ($750 if you register before April 1)

Alumni and Van Trump Conference Attendees: $500


At a time of rising pressures on growers, shifting demand from consumers, and unprecedented consolidation in our industry, agriculture is poised for a more diverse and robust innovation ecosystem that will propel our industry, and its next generation of innovation leaders, into the future.

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