How to Invest

iSelect works with investors and their financial advisors to help create a diversified portfolio of venture investments.

iSelect is an effective investment strategy for growth, retirement and wealth preservation.  iSelect investments can be held in a retirement account, a normal brokerage account, or a trust.  iSelect is structured for investment by individual investors, family offices, retirement plans, and institutional investors.

Investors in iSelect must meet SEC’s rules on accredited investors status.  The minimum investment in iSelect is $50k to open an account, and no less than $5k per company.  Investors are encouraged to properly diversify by investing in 20 or more iSelect companies over time.  Typical iSelect investors allocate no more than 3%-5% of their liquid net worth to the iSelect portfolio.

To find a financial advisor that carries the iSelect product or to discuss investing iSelect as an investment strategy please contact iSelect at 314-219-8688 or email Dan Schaub at

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