Missing Out is Always a Big Theil

It’s 2004. you’re the first investor in a start-up social media company with 1M users and, you believe a fair valuation. You garner a board seat and watch the rest unfold.

The valuation jumps to $87M in 8 months. 2 VC firms lead a series A for $12.7M. You take a pass. They go onto series B. You sit tight believing it’s overvalued.

In 2012, the company’s IPO nets $16B with a valuation of $104B and a VC firm you watched from the sidelines walks away with $9B (1).

You’re Peter Theil. Most know the story but it’s worth repeating. The company is “thefacebook” and you missed one of the most significant growth opportunities in recent history and underestimated the exponential growth innovation can bring.

Venture is risky. Winners and losers don’t pan out as expected. And, sometimes we’re held back by expectations that don’t apply.

Theil had a seat at the table. Many investors, and their advisors, aren’t even aware of compelling venture opportunities until it’s too late. Or, like Theil, they apply their tried and true beliefs to situations that don’t follow the same rules.

The potential for technology to solve problems and create growth is well understood and continually benefiting us in new ways. Consider food and health. Americans spend more on healthcare for diet-related illnesses than we do food(2). The nexus of food and health is ripe for innovation and investment. In 2019 investment in AgTech and FoodTech hit a record high of almost $20B (3). Many are seeing the potential. Do you?

A conversation Carter Williams, CEO of iSelect had with Dr. Robert Lustig as well as one iSelect portfolio company Benson Hill’s CEO Matt Crisp had with Leslie Bonci, a leading nutritionist for professional athletes addresses the problem and the potential.

Join Carter Williams on Tuesday, October 13th at 12pm EST for a conversation on these opportunities. We want to hear your perspective.  Register for the online discussion here.

Don’t wait to read about them on Facebook when it’s too late.



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