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Strategic Focus

iSelect is an early stage venture firm which invests in companies that are addressing critical global issues, in large markets, and with financially attractive business models.

Deep Diligence

Careful, expert diligence is a key determining factor in successful venture investing. We are among the strongest in the industry, spending up to 120 hours conducting due diligence on each of our portfolio companies.

Portfolio Approach

We take a balanced portfolio approach, using diversification to narrow risk. We build platforms of investment, making sure we have multiple approaches to the market.

Investing in Opportunity

Wealth Managers

Access a novel alternative product that will differentiate your practice for existing and prospective clients.

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Individual Investors

Accredited investors can access high quality, venture backed offerings, at reasonable minimums, on a monthly basis.

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Family Offices

Opportunities to invest in Tier 1 venture offerings, at lower fees, and alongside national VCs and corporations.

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We are an emerging manager with a regional focus outside the coasts and in companies making an impact.

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Portfolio News

Investing with Impact: The New Rules of Making a Difference

iSelect was not conceived as an impact investment fund. When we started the idea was (and continues to be) to find the best and brightest entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley and make lots of small bets investing to support them in their new ventures. When the winners emerge, double down on those. This is investment strategy, not altruism at play.

Portfolio Companies

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