Investing at the Nexus
of Food and Health

Why iSelect?

From spiraling healthcare costs, to the rise of chronic diseases, to feeding a growing global population, the world is facing a complex web of interrelated challenges. iSelect was created to help solve these problems, connecting investors with the innovative companies that are fixing the food and health systems while opening up access to investment opportunities that are making a real impact on the future of our world.

Explore our unique advantages


Access a vetted, researched portfolio of high growth startup investments in agriculture, food tech and healthcare.   SUMMARY


We’re doing well while doing good, supporting companies addressing key problems in large, profitable markets.   SUMMARY


We spend up to 120 hours conducting due diligence on each of our portfolio companies to ensure the strongest possible growth opportunities.   SUMMARY

Investment Platform

An evergreen fund, iSelect offers investors ongoing access to opportunities with low minimums and done-for-you diligence.   SUMMARY


Venture capital is about building the future, so why ever stop? It’s always the right time to invest in innovation.   SUMMARY


An investment with iSelect addresses all three of the venture investor’s primary concerns: allocation, return and access.   SUMMARY

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iSelect is making venture investing simple. We do the diligence. We manage the investments. You get access to a portfolio of investments in companies that are revolutionizing food, health and more. Gain access to our Investor Portal and explore our portfolio companies.