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Investors who “Invest with Impact” are forward-thinkers, viewing their investments as catalysts for societal progress. They value sustainable solutions, acknowledging their superior performance and long-term market viability. These investors champion sectors that reflect their values, from green energy to advanced farming techniques and life-enhancing healthcare innovations. They understand the broader implications of their investments on retirement and longevity, favoring ventures that improve quality of life. Their investment decisions echo their vision of a world thriving economically, socially, and environmentally. This unique breed of investors not only seeks wealth creation but also strives to shape a better world, leaving a lasting legacy. Their approach underscores their belief that investing with impact is about much more than finance – it’s about contributing to a sustainable future. Investments that are the right kind of investment for themselve, for their family and for society.

iSelect has deliberately focused on investments and companies that make a positive impact on our society, as well as on the bottom line.  
We are not passionate about backing the latest app or consumer entertainment product. iSelects portfolio is attempting to save lives, save our food supply and positively impact our environment.  We are very excited to come to work each day to further this worthy effort.

iSelect Portfolio Impact Summary – Food and Agriculture Companies


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Investment Areas

iSelect invests in four verticals, three of which are directly impact-oriented — Agriculture, Healthcare, and Resource Efficiency. In Agriculture, we are focused on plant sciences, seed genetics, and sustainability. In Healthcare, we are investing in immunotherapy, personalized medicine, and consumerism. In Resource Efficiency, one of our companies is using AI/machine learning to cost-efficiently save energy, and another is developing a more sustainable means to produce natural rubber.  

However, even in our 4th vertical, B2B, we have invested in a company that is enabling part-time workers and agencies to more efficiently find each other and manage the process of employment – thereby positively impacting a growing segment of our workforce and economy.  We have another company that is deploying a different model for education and one that is improving the job placement process for recent college graduates.

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Co-Invest Alongside Top Venture Investors

In venture capital, it always pays to partner with others. iSelect co-invests alongside many of the top VC investors in the industry, including subject matter experts in agriculture, software, healthcare, resource efficiency and more. This ensures access to the best deals in the market, as well as giving our investors opportunities to invest with the best in the business, accessing deals that would otherwise be closed to them.