Resource Efficiency Innovation that is Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Sustainable

At iSelect, we believe in profitably doing more with less. Not because we have to, though that is a noble goal. And not because someone is paying us (i.e., subsidies) to do so. But, because it makes practical business sense. Investors look at technology that will reduce costs and drive a positive ROI all the time. The only difference is that the cost centers we focus on reducing revolve around energy, water, carbon, or harmful chemicals. Clean and cheap!

You don’t have to look any further than our current portfolio for examples. Bractlet helps commercial real estate companies save 20-50% of their energy bill. Holganix helps farmers reduce their water usage by up to 30% and other inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) by up to 75%, while significantly improving yield. And Kultevat replaces the need for synthetic rubber produced from oil (or natural rubber produced in Asia under detrimental environmental conditions), with natural rubber produced domestically, from dandelions. And, all of this is done at a cost that improves the customer’s bottom line. That is Resource Efficiency done right!

At iSelect, we invest in resource efficiency innovation that is addressing large markets, targeting cleaner and less expensive production methods, improving processes, reducing inputs, or accelerating means in which to bring products to market.

We do this by partnering with exceptional companies and management teams that are deploying solutions that are cleaner, more sustainable, use fewer inputs, and are less expensive than traditional approaches.

Join us to stay updated on the latest in resource efficiency startup information and technology development, and to learn more about the entrepreneurs who are seeking to drive greater utilization of resources into profitable business models.

iSelect Companies

Developer of refrigeration systems designed using thermally-driven heat pump architectures. The company’s refrigeration cycle is designed with embedded thermal energy storage, designed to save supermarkets on their low temperature cooling costs and for developing world agricultural applications, to convert 50 degree solar thermal energy into 10 degree refrigeration without electricity, high precision components, or moving parts enabling super markets to avoid peak energy expenses and cool with greater efficiency.
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More than just an energy dashboard, the Bractlet platform provides real time analytics, highly predictive forecasts, and continuous, automated energy saving measure identification and ROI analysis for individual buildings and portfolios. Bractlet collects real-time environmental, building- level and equipment-level data, and combines with physics-based simulation technology for a comprehensive approach that allows us to find, forecast, and verify the most effective savings measures.
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Benson Hill empowers innovators with a revolutionary crop design platform to develop healthier and more sustainable crops. Our CropOS™ platform combines machine learning and big data with genome editing and plant biology to drastically accelerate and simplify the product development process.
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Holganix produces and sells 100% organic plant probiotics that significantly reduce the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and water while improving plant vibrancy and yield.
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Kultevat, Inc., based in St. Louis, MO, combines genetic breeding and chemical process engineering to produce natural rubber from Russian dandelions. There is a strong need to develop a domestic source of natural rubber. Russian dandelions can be grown across wide swaths of the U.S., and produce rubber that matches the characteristics of rubber derived from rubber trees.
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Selection Team

PJ Piper

Mr. Piper has extensive experience in start-up company development in founder, investor, board member, and executive roles. His experience encompasses intellectual property assessment, building strong development and management teams, raising private i …

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David Waserstein

Mr. Waserstein is currently the Founder and Managing Partner of SOIL Funds Management, LLC. The firm targets control and semi-control investments in resource efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainable businesses. It’s inaugural fund, Sustainab …

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Chas Eggert

Charles R. (Chas) Eggert has 40 years of experience in the specialty chemicals industry with a proven track record of creating value for startups and large global businesses. Chas is an operating partner focused on specialty chemical investments with A …

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Russ Conser

Mr. Conser has very deep and broad experience in emerging energy technology, and is an expert in both theory and practice corporate innovation and venturing. Russ currently serves as a board member to StarRotor Corporation, on the Executive Committee o …

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michael ware

Mr. Ware is the founder of Advance Capital Markets, Inc. a private investment firm with a long and successful track record in the energy and power industries. He served as a financial advisor and then Managing Director to Good Energies (GEI). Mr. Ware …

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Paul Nelson

Mr. Nelson has over 20 years of energy, entrepreneurial, business management and technology development/research experience.  He is currently managing partner at Saoradh Energy Partners LLC and was recently president of Ward Alternative Energy (a Saora …

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