The iSelect Approach for Entrepreneurs

iSelect identifies and invests in promising early-stage, private companies with more than just an idea. Our companies have already raised at least $250,000 through the “friends and family” round or received significant non-dilutive financing through grants or other sources. The entrepreneurs we work with are moving beyond concept to commercialization, but require more capital for further development. And, iSelect thinks of capital as more than just money. While we do provide financial capital, we work with our portfolio companies to also provide them with access to talent and customers.

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Industry: Preference for healthcare, food and agriculture, resource efficiency, and B2B technology.

Lead Investor: iSelect does not lead transactions. We only co-invest alongside sophisticated investors such as venture funds, reputable angel groups or family offices with domain experience. Prospective companies must already have, or be in discussions with, a sophisticated lead investor willing to set the price and terms of the round.

Previous Investment: We consider companies that have previously raised $250,000 or more of outside investment or grant funding.

Stage: While our initial investment is typically in a company’s Series Seed, A or B rounds, we have the ability to invest at any stage.

Deal Terms: Preferred equity or debt convertible into preferred equity.

Traction: Demonstrates meaningful early traction via customer orders, customer R&D investment, NIH grants, etc.

Plan: Clear milestones and path to follow on capital and exit.

Geography: While we have a preference for companies located in the Midwest, we want to see that a company is located near key industry talent and customers.

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