iSelect Fund Separately Managed Account Program

iSelect’s Separately Managed Account program provides institutional managers and fund promoters with tailored access to early, mid and later stage venture capital investments

iSelect is a global leader investing in technologies that innovate the agriculture supply chain, enhance food security, improve human health and reduce environmental degradation. We have built a significant network of venture capitalists, technology experts, industry leaders and, most importantly, farmers to help our portfolio companies succeed. The areas where we focus are poised for significant growth over the next 10-20 years.

The iSelect Fund Management team has the ability to design and manage products tailored to you or your clients’ unique needs.

As opposed to traditional venture capital closed-end funds, our investment strategies may be executed through investment vehicles that strive to meet the unique requirements of institutional managers and fund promoters.

Potential Benefits of a customized iSelect Fund Management Ventures Strategy

  • Ability to construct a highly diversified portfolio across stage of investment, vintage years, sectors, strategies and geographies
  • Mitigation or elimination of inactive capital
  • Enhanced transparency into due diligence and selection processes to inform other public and private investments
  • Control of investment decisions tailored to your needs and desires.

SMA Structural Characteristics

  • Separate legal entity with board of managers set by institution or investment sponsor
  • iSelect Fund Management serves as sub advisor/ manager to fund
  • Institution or investment sponsor selects closed, evergreen or rolling fund structure
  • iSelect Fund Management evergreen structure can be white labeled for institutions or investment sponsors
  • Audit and tax costs are paid by fund
  • Institution or investment sponsor selects investment strategy and policy.

Investment Attributes

  • Immediate and continuous exposure to venture capital across early, mid and later stage
  • Access to investment opportunities in high-growth food and agricultural tech companies
  • Access to diligence and research on companies selected for portfolio investment and companies rejected for company investment
  • Flexibility to increase investment allocations in companies that are successful at implementing business plans.