At iSelect, Food is Health in 2021 and beyond.

We see robust investment opportunities in the technologies transforming the Agriculture, Food and Wellness markets.

As 2021 begins, we highlight several of our key venture investment themes:


Plant-based solutions help address surge in protein demand. Cloud biology will help growers meet accelerating global demand for protein as: increased numbers enter the middle class in new markets and add protein to their diets for the first time; and consumer choices in existing markets drive expanded plant-based supermarket offerings.

In both cases, food manufacturers need greater amounts of affordable, high quality plant protein inputs, especially soy and yellow pea. See how iSelect and Benson Hill are driving plant protein innovation.


Technology deployment on farms accelerates. Integrated software, imaging, sensors and data analytics are allowing farmers to make instant decisions that drive profitability. Read more about iSelect Portfolio Company Sentera: Better Data, Better Ag Outcomes: Optimizing In-Season Decisions for Farmers.


Biologic solutions for soil and crop health flourishes. iSelect Soil Health Investment Thesis and Companies.


Food drives health. Individuals and health providers will adopt better nutrition as the tool to solve the spiraling cost of food related illness. iSelect has invested in over 20 companies that develop and deliver the high nutrition inputs for better and more affordable food. See iSelect’s Food and AgTech Portfolio Companies here.


Expanded data access propels the consumerization of healthcare. Personalized medicine and wellness will thrive as a new generation of digital diagnostic and monitoring devices deliver targeted results. See iSelect’s recent Consumerization of Healthcare Deep Dive replay.


Biome based treatments improve health and quality of life. Our improved understanding of the human biome will transform treatment of autoimmune, metabolic and inflammatory conditions in adults and provide better protection for infants. Read how Evolve Biosystems is treating intestinal inflammation in infants using biome technology.

At iSelect, we invest for impact AND performance.

We offer qualified investors access to emerging growth companies through our national venture capital strategy. Our unique structure allows our investors to continue to invest in these companies as they develop.

Learn more about our strategy here: Investing with iSelect