March 1, 2018
Contact: Tim Sprinkle
iSelect Fund
(720) 278-8036

Agrifood Conversations, a New Agriculture Innovation Webinar Series
Sponsored by iSelect Fund, The Van Trump Report and The Yield Lab Institute

ST. LOUIS, MO – iSelect Fund, The Van Trump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are pleased to announce the launch of a new weekly webinar series entitled Agrifood Conversations featuring the best in agricultural innovation. With in-depth presentations from some of the leading companies and entrepreneurs in the agtech space, Agrifood Conversations is all about driving agriculture innovation forward and sharing the stories, successes and developments in the industry.

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“Software, social media and the latest wearable gadgets might be getting all the attention, but its the technological changes that are shaking up the agriculture market that are really going to change our lives over the next decade,” says iSelect CEO Carter Williams. “We’re living through some of the most complex and challenging times that the ag market has ever experienced. We have to produce more food, but we’re going to have to do it with less arable land and fewer natural resources. This new webinar series will highlight the companies that are making this possible.”

Every month, Agrifood Conversations will highlight a specific theme, featuring emerging topics such as soil health, biologics, plant genetics, vertical farming, precision agriculture, herd management, aquaculture and more, featuring new and exciting companies at the forefront of the industry. Once a quarter, we’ll open up the conversation with a panel of experts on that month’s topic.

“Can we produce enough food? Can we produce it sustainably? And can we produce it at high quality in a way that is still affordable to end consumers? These are the big questions that are facing the ag industry right now,” says Kevin Van Trump, founder of The Van Trump Report. “They are also the questions that ag investors need to be focused on looking ahead.”

All webinar registrants receive a free short-term subscription to The Van Trump Report.

Adds Thad Simons, Managing Director of The Yield Lab: “We are thrilled to be partnering with iSelect and The Van Trump Report on the Agrifood Conversations series. The Yield Lab was founded to sustainably increase the global food supply and reduce inputs to agricultural production and distribution. Today, we’re doing this by partnering with the innovative companies that are working to revolutionize agrifood systems to more sustainably provide for the world, and this series is a great way to highlight their work.”

Agrifood Conversations is held every week at 3pm central time. In addition, on March 8th, Agrifood Conversations will be live at Venture Cafe in St. Louis, featuring the Future of Genetics & Agriculture. This special edition of Agrifood Conversations will feature a panel of experts in the biotech including Natalie DiNicola with Benson Hill Biosystems and Todd Mockler with the Danforth Plant Science Center, among others. Details Here

For more information or to register, visit Agrifood Conversations or contact Tim Sprinkle at (720) 278- 8036 or

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