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Join us in May as we highlight companies working in Agroforestry.


Thursdays @ 3 PM CT / 4 PM ET

May 12 | Ethan Steinberg, co-founder and CEO of Propagate

Propagate offers an agroforestry project development and investments platform. By using agronomic tools, local climate and economic models, as well as a powerful database on how annual crops and tree crops can best be combined, Propagate can evaluate each parcel based on potential future revenue. Better still, the Propagate team can take parcels purchased for investment and execute the complete planting and cultivation strategy, delivering a landowner a farm with complete, functional, operations and maintenance that delivers defined revenue expectations for the future.

May 19 | Kyle Gertridge, Head Of Business Development & Partnerships at Salo Sciences

Salo Sciences guides investments in natural climate solutions—conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship—by leveraging satellite data, ecological modeling and artificial intelligence. It works with stakeholders to identify priority areas for conservation, uses high resolution remote sensing and AI to comprehensively track ecosystem health at low cost over large areas, and supports conservation planning by reducing uncertainty.


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