During 2019, iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are sponsoring a series of weekly webinars featuring the best in agriculture innovation. Agrifood Conversations is all about driving innovation and each month will highlight a specific theme, from biologicals to vertical farms, featuring new and exciting companies at the forefront of the industry. Learn about new trends in ag, connect with industry leaders and discover new solutions.

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Manure Tech: Progress and Solutions | October 24th 4 PM CT

Waste, fertilizer, feces. Manure is one substance that is available all over the world in mass quantities. But it’s also one that, to-date, has not yet been fully leveraged. A number of different innovators are working to change that, developing new manure-based technologies that use what are today waste products to do everything from create sustainable energy, to provide clean water, to provide nutrients to crops. Please join us for a panel discussion about the latest innovations in manure technology, the companies currently working on solutions, and the opportunities we’re seeing to help this market develop at 4pm CT on October 24th. The panel will feature representatives from Cargill, the Environmental Protection Agency, YieldLab and iSelect.

Past Webinars

Biomass Controls: Innovation for Global Sanitation | 10/17/2019

Nutrient Recycling for More Efficient, Sustainable Farming | 10/10/2019

CowPots: A Better, More Sustainable Pot for Gardeners and Growers | 10/3/2019

SoMax BioEnergy: Turning Organic Waste into Energy, Clean Water and More | 9/26/2019

Afineur: Creating the Next Generation of Food Ingredients from Fermentation By-Products | 9/19/2019

Induction Food Systems: Scalable, Electric Heating Systems to Solves Industrial-Scale Problems | 9/12/2019

Plasma Nutrition: Optimizing Ingredients for Enhanced Bioavailability| 9/5/2019

Vestaron: Crop Protection, Without Synthetic Pesticides

Plastomics: Designing Better Crops to Help Farmers Feed the World | 8/22/2019

Agrynex: Enzyme Immobilization for Sustainable Crop Protection | 8/15/2019

AgroSpheres: Crop Protection That’s Greener, Cleaner, More Effective | 8/8/2019

RootWave: Using Electricity to Control Weeds | 8/1/2019

Edete: Improving Pollination by Doing it Better Than Bees | 7/25/2019

HiveGenie: A Complete Beehive Monitoring System for Beekeepers| 7/18/2019

The Bee Corp: Empowering Growers and Beekeepers with Big Data Insights into Beehive Health | 7/11/2019

PlantResponse: Bringing Science to the Service of Agriculture | 6/27/2019

Kula Bio: An Innovative Approach to Nitrogen Fertilizers | 6/20/2019

Biovante: Proven Formulas for Better Seed, Soil and Plant Health | 6/13/2019

Holganix: Plant Probiotics that Grow Strong Crops, from the Ground Up | 6/6/2019

Decommoditization of Agriculture | 5/30/2019

The Future of Food and Health | 5/17/2019

The History and Future of GMOs and Consumer Acceptance | 5/2/2019

Tillable: Airbnb for Farmland is Here | 4/25/2019

FarmTogether: Crowdfunding Comes to Farmland Investing | 4/18/2019

FarmlandFinder: The Easiest Way to Find Farmland for Sale | 4/11/2019

AcreTrader: Farmland Investing for All | 4/4/2019

Panel Discussion: The Future of Agtech According to Women | 3/28/2019

Inari: Creating Personalized Seeds for Farmers | 3/21/2019

ImpactVision: Preventing Food Supply Chain Waste With Consistent, Premium Products | 3/14/2019

Trace Genomics: Leveraging DNA to Unlock the Power of Soil | 3/7/2019

Mercaris: Bringing Marketplace Intelligence to Sustainable Agriculture | 2/14/2019

New West Genetics: Genetics, Breeding and Production Solutions for High-Quality Hemp 1/31/2019

Tiger Fiber Hemp: American Hemp from American Farmers | 1/24/2019

Sana Packaging: Hemp-Based Packaging Solutions for the Cannabis Solutions | 1/17/2019

enEvolv: Hacking Evolution for Speed, Diversity and Savings | 1/10/2019

Performance Livestock Analytics: Big Data Comes to the Livestock Industry| 12/20/2018

Agrivida: What’s Really in Your Feed? Enzymes for Healthier, Greener Livestock| 12/13/2018

Van Trump Conference’s Farm Tank Pitch Competition | 12/6/2018

Beta Hatch: Creating Better Food for Our Food … From Insects | 11/29/2018

Osmo Systems: Water Quality Sensors That Are Made for the Pond | 11/15/2018

VakSea: Proven Immune-Boosting Proteins for Aquaculture  | 11/8/2018

Nanopore: Microbe Testing That’s Cheap, Easy and Portable | 11/1/2018

P&P Optica: A New ‘Eye in the Sky’ to Prevent Food Contamination | 10/25/2018

NanoGuard: Preventing Foodborne Illness with Antimicrobial Cold Plasma Technology | 10/18/2018

SnapDNA: Food Safety Testing Redefined | 10/11/2018

ProteoSesne: Do You Really Know What’s in Your Food? | 10/4/2018

Equinom: Breeding the Plant Proteins of Tomorrow | 9/27/2018

Victory Hemp Foods: Will Hemp be America’s Next Commodity Crop? | 9/20/2018

Arvegenix: A Productive Winter Cover Crop That Pays | 9/13/2018

TerViva: Transforming Distressed Farmland for New Uses Through Pongamia | 9/6/2018

Panel: Mister Gadget and the Farm | 8/30/2018

Bear Flag Robotics: How Robotics Is Helping Farmers ‘Think Outside the Cab’ | 8/23/2018

Harvest CROO: Robots, Automation and the Future of Farm Labor | 8/16/2018

Soft Robotics: Unlocking the Promise of Robotic Automation in Agriculture | 8/9/2018

Agrobot: Automated Harvesting Robots Come to the Strawberry Field | 8/2/2018

Geltor: Engineering Proteins for Use in … Everything | 7/26/2018

Victory Hemp Foods: Will Hemp be America’s Next Commodity Row Crop?7/19/2018

Seek Food: Crickets: The Food of the Future | 7/12/2018

Crickets, Worms and Algae: Alternative Proteins and the Future of Food | 7/5/2018

Nutrivert: Postbiotics and the Promise of Non-Antibiotic Growth Promotion | 6/28/2018 

EIO Diagnostics: New Agtech Tools to Diagnose Udder Diseases in Dairy Animals Register | 6/21/2018

HerdDogg: Bringing IoT to the Field for Cattle Management | 6/14/2018

ApisProtect: Helping Beekeepers Prevent Losses and Increase Productivity in Their Hives | 6/7/2018

GrainChain: Verified, Instant and Secured Transactions for Agricultural Commodities | 5/31/2018

Annona: Real-Time Farm Management Apps for Global Food Companies | 5/24/2018

Mercaris: Bringing Market Intelligence to Sustainable Agriculture | 5/3/2018



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