During 2018, iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are sponsoring a series of weekly webinars featuring the best in agriculture innovation. Agrifood Conversations is all about driving innovation and each month will highlight a specific theme, from biologicals to vertical farms, featuring new and exciting companies at the forefront of the industry. Once a quarter, we’ll open up the conversation with a panel of experts on that month’s topic. Learn about new trends in ag, connect with industry leaders and discover new solutions.

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April Webinars: Vertical Farming

This month Agrifood Conversations will feature webinars from four vertical farming companies. Register for the Arpil Webinar Series to learn how new innovations in vertical farming are making a difference in the agriculture industry and how you can be a part of it.

Motorleaf: Full Automation for Indoor Farms, from Planning to Planting

Thursday, April 26th at 3 PM CST

Motorleaf, based in Montreal, is the market leader in IoT, plug-and-play sensor, and controls hardware and software for hydroponic and greenhouse automation. Motorleaf turns any greenhouse or indoor farm, from a hobby garden to 100+ acres of commercial greenhouse, into a smart, connected operation using its suite of AI-enabled hardware and software tools to monitor, automate and optimize any indoor field. The company’s software platform can monitor and predict environments through sensor data, delivering actionable, data-driven insights to greenhouse operators and indoor farmers.

Past April Webinars

Agrilyst: Developing New Tools to Help Indoor Farmers Thrive

Thursday, April 5th at 3 PM CT

The world has lost a third of all arable land in the last 40 years due to erosion and pollution damage, but we remain on track to double our food production needs by 2050. Indoor farming — a large-scale method of cultivating crops in controlled building environments such as greenhouses, warehouses, and shipping containers — represents a potential solution to this problem, but it remains an inefficient, costly process. Still, it is growing rapidly, from $1.4 billion globally in 2016 to $6.4 billion in 2023.

Agrilyst is developing a new SaaS platform that provides indoor farmers with data-driven insights so that they can make more profitable production decisions, optimizing labor cost efficiency and improving crop yield. With Agrilyst, indoor growers can create seeding plans, schedule harvests, assign tasks, manage climate and nutrient density, and forecast yield, sales, and varietal performance.

AeroFarms: Scaling Indoor Farming With New Smart Technologies

Thursday, April 12th at 3 PM CT

By building farms on major distribution routes and near population centers, indoor and vertical farms can defy traditional growing seasons and enable local farming at commercial scale all-year round, while cutting down on transportation costs. These facilities are more efficient too, using as much as 95% less water than field farmed-food and offering yields that are nearly 390 times higher per square foot annually. AeroFarms is on a mission to transform agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production at scale. The company has been working on new technologies for totally-controlled agriculture since 2004 and recently opened its ninth farm, the world’s largest indoor vertical farm at its global headquarters in Newark, NJ.

Sollum: Artificial Light for Agriculture Applications That Outperforms the Sun

Thursday, April 19th at 3 PM CST

The formula for agriculture is simple: As long as plants have access to water, sunlight and nutrients, they will grow. Except that it’s never that simple. As farmers know, non-native crops, off-season crops, bad weather, vertical farming and dozens of other variables can alter their needs, presenting challenges that can limit yield, delay harvest and cut into profits.
Efficient agriculture growth requires the right spectrum of light for optimal performance, and these crop requirements can change and evolve over time. Sollum creates the sun where you need it, when you need it, with fully programmable LED light fixtures that can deliver specific light to specific crops, any time of day, during any season and any spectrum.

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