During 2018, iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute are sponsoring a series of weekly webinars featuring the best in agriculture innovation. Agrifood Conversations is all about driving innovation and each month will highlight a specific theme, from biologicals to vertical farms, featuring new and exciting companies at the forefront of the industry. Once a quarter, we’ll open up the conversation with a panel of experts on that month’s topic. Learn about new trends in ag, connect with industry leaders and discover new solutions.

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November Webinar Topic: Aquaculture

This month Agrifood Conversations will feature webinars from agriculture companies working in aquaculture. Register for the November Webinar Series to learn about new innovations making a difference in the food & agriculture industry and how you can be a part of it.


Beta Hatch 

November 29th at 3 PM CT

Beta Hatch’s insect-rearing technology converts mealworms and their waste into high-value proteins, oils, and nutrients for agriculture. As of right now, 30% of all crop production goes to feed livestock and feed makes up 50% of the cost of our meat. Beta Hatch’s IP enables insects to cost-effectively meet the global scale of demand for animal feed and crop fertilizer.


Past Webinars:

Osmo Systems: Water Quality Sensors That Are Made for the Pond | 11/15/2018

VakSea: Proven Immune-Boosting Proteins for Aquaculture  | 11/8/2018

Nanopore: Microbe Testing That’s Cheap, Easy and Portable | 11/1/2018

P&P Optica: A New ‘Eye in the Sky’ to Prevent Food Contamination | 10/25/2018

NanoGuard: Preventing Foodborne Illness with Antimicrobial Cold Plasma Technology | 10/18/2018

SnapDNA: Food Safety Testing Redefined | 10/11/2018

ProteoSesne: Do You Really Know What’s in Your Food? | 10/4/2018

Equinom: Breeding the Plant Proteins of Tomorrow | 9/27/2018

Victory Hemp Foods: Will Hemp be America’s Next Commodity Crop? | 9/20/2018

Arvegenix: A Productive Winter Cover Crop That Pays | 9/13/2018

TerViva: Transforming Distressed Farmland for New Uses Through Pongamia | 9/6/2018

Panel: Mister Gadget and the Farm | 8/30/2018

Bear Flag Robotics: How Robotics Is Helping Farmers ‘Think Outside the Cab’ | 8/23/2018

Harvest CROO: Robots, Automation and the Future of Farm Labor | 8/16/2018

Soft Robotics: Unlocking the Promise of Robotic Automation in Agriculture | 8/9/2018

Agrobot: Automated Harvesting Robots Come to the Strawberry Field | 8/2/2018

Geltor: Engineering Proteins for Use in … Everything | 7/26/2018

Victory Hemp Foods: Will Hemp be America’s Next Commodity Row Crop?7/19/2018

Seek Food: Crickets: The Food of the Future | 7/12/2018

Crickets, Worms and Algae: Alternative Proteins and the Future of Food | 7/5/2018

Nutrivert: Postbiotics and the Promise of Non-Antibiotic Growth Promotion | 6/28/2018 

EIO Diagnostics: New Agtech Tools to Diagnose Udder Diseases in Dairy Animals Register | 6/21/2018

HerdDogg: Bringing IoT to the Field for Cattle Management | 6/14/2018

ApisProtect: Helping Beekeepers Prevent Losses and Increase Productivity in Their Hives | 6/7/2018

GrainChain: Verified, Instant and Secured Transactions for Agricultural Commodities | 5/31/2018

Annona: Real-Time Farm Management Apps for Global Food Companies | 5/24/2018

Mercaris: Bringing Market Intelligence to Sustainable Agriculture | 5/3/2018


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