A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with Michael Greenberg, the host and founder of St. Louis Business RadioX, a podcast focused on business issues facing Missouri and the greater Midwest venture opportunity. Anyone who has been reading my blog posts over the course of the last year can probably guess what we talked about: innovation, startup growth and the amazing opportunities I see every day in the venture capital space.

But there’s more to it than just that.

I believe whole-heartedly in the power of innovation and new technologies to transform our world and our country. I also believe that the economic power of Silicon Valley is no longer reserved exclusively for the Bay Area. Now everyone can get in on the promise of digital innovation, whether they live in Menlo Park, Austin, Phoenix or Lincoln, NE. In fact, there is groundbreaking work being done every day right here in the St. Louis Metro Area and across the Midwest in fields as diverse as healthcare, cloud services, agriculture, energy and more.

VentureBeat recently published an article on this very subject: “In 5 Years the Midwest Will Have More Startups Than Silicon Valley,” by Chris Olsen, the founder of Columbus, Ohio-based Drive Capital.

“California is the eighth largest economy in the world,” he writes. “The Midwest is the fifth. The Midwest is also bigger than Brazil, Russia, and India, each of which has recently caught many a venture capitalist’s eye. The Midwest receives 25% of all research dollars in America and graduates more computer science degrees than any other region or country on planet earth. There are gobs of tech exits at valuations just as large as other places, and yet, the Midwest receives just four percent of the annual venture dollars in America.”

Innovation is our future, both locally and nationwide, and iSelect is here to help support the growing companies that are making it a reality.

Listen to the full episode here.