AcreTrader: Farmland Investing for All

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United States farmland has historically outperformed most asset classes and other forms of real estate. In fact, since 1970, land values in the country have increased on average 6.7% per year, with stretches of well above 20%. Unfortunately, buying and maintaining farmland directly is extremely difficult. The few investment options that are available typically charge high fees, provide limited liquidity, and offer no choice over portfolio composition. Learn how one company is working on an easy, affordable solution to change this at “Farmland Investing for All,” a webinar featuring Carter Malloy, Founder and CEO of AcreTrader.

AcreTrader is a real estate investing platform that makes it easy to buy shares of farmland and earn passive income, starting with as little as $1,000. Through a proprietary online investment platform that uses some aspects of crowdfunding, AcreTrader aims to provide transparency, security, and liquidity to people wanting to invest in farmland. The platform removes the headaches traditionally associated with land ownership by handling all aspects of administration and property management, from insurance and accounting to working with local farmers and improving soil sustainability.

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