The Future of Food and Health

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The Future of Food and Health

This week’s AgriFood Conversations, The Future of Food and Health, is from the Davos on the Delta conference. Davos on the Delta sits at the crossroads of dramatic change in agriculture, food, and health — where the most innovative entrepreneurs, top industry experts, early adopter customers and smart investors in risk capital come together to map the future of food system innovation.


Carter Williams, iSelect Fund

Nancy Roman, Partnership for a Healthier America

Mani Gopalakrishnan, VP Digital Innovation, Kraft Heinz Evolv Group

Part 1: System C

The year is 2030. Autonomous vehicles are alive and Facebook is dead. The “Peak Food” crisis was averted, but we didn’t just produce more. Food is no longer measured by calories and fat content. Nutritional density and microbiome score have emerged as the standard. What does that mean? Hundreds of Billions have been saved in American healthcare, but not due to any new drugs or devices. Production of corn and sugar are in decline, supplanted by peas and hemp. Food and agriculture are on the cutting edge of human health. Producing the right foods has led to a resurgence in farmer profitability. The industrial revolution has finally hit the farm as technology has reduced labor and inputs while improving the output quality. And Agriculture is being praised for its contributions to the environment. The world has changed, but how did we get here?

Part 2: The Convergence of Food and Health

Diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders. What if they all had to do with the food we consume? Today’s research already shows that cancer patients with the correct nutrition can increase their life expectancy by 6-12 months. What if the $500 billion to $1 trillion spent annually to treat chronic disease was spent on healthy food? Is Big Food’s next step to buy a healthcare insurer.

Part 3: The Future of Food

No one cares about organic or non-GMO anymore. All anyone can talk about is personalized nutrition. Swipe left for heatlhy and nutritious. Swipe right for a Type 2 diabetes menus. Want a menu to lower inflammation? Choose your ingredients, your snacks, your meals based on your personal or family goals. No more guesswork associated with which diet to follow. Get the one customized for you as simple as a few clicks.

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