AgTech Disruption

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Wang, Polaroid, Kodak. AOL, Yahoo, GE. So many brands that dominated in previous generations are no longer here, and the consolidation isn’t over yet. The legacy, monolithic industry structure begs for disruption. Are the ag giants next? If consumers rule demand, what happens to purveyors of commodities, like ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Dreyfus? Do they consolidate into one entity or pivot like IBM or AT&T did in the 80s?

Disruption increases the size of the pie: more becomes available and dominant players are forced to adapt or die. The status quo has been set by Monsanto and others, but how will they fend as the world as they know it may change faster than they are able to?

Well change is coming, and coming fast: Benson Hill’s Matt Crisp and Indigo’s Dave Perry both started innovating in agtech before anyone knew the term. They created their own markets, and they’re still leading them today.

It’s no wonder that CB Insights recently named these companies two of 2018’s leading venture-backed startups in Synthetic Agriculture. Neither company got there by waiting for the market to invite them in. Once they’re in the market? Who knows what innovation will unfold.

In this panel discussion, David Perry of Indigo Agriculture and Matt Crisp of Benson Hill Biosystems will speak individually of their company’s respective work, its implications for food and agriculture going forward, and how the powers that be will respond.