Osmo Systems: Water Quality Sensors That Are Made for the Pond

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The aquaculture industry is far bigger than most people realize, already supplying over half of the world’s seafood. And that’s on track to increase, as demand continues to rise despite the fact that supply is falling. More than 90% of wild fish stocks are already being overfished. The industry needs to find ways to improve efficiency and scale up to meet this growing demand. Learn how Osmo Systems is solving this problem with advanced digital optics at, “Water Quality Sensors That Are Made for the Pond,” featuring Zach Stein, CEO of Osmo Systems.

Osmo Systems is building a new class of aquaculture sensor that is simple to maintain and easy to afford so that fish farmers can quickly and easily add online monitoring functionality to their existing fish or shrimp production facilities. Its first product, OsmoBot helps farmers automate their water quality maintenance and therefore reduce mortalities, increase stocking densities, and improve overall yields through data analytics.

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