Trace Genomics: Leveraging DNA to Unlock the Power of Soil

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Each tablespoon of soil contains millions of organisms that tell a story about the environment it’s providing for crops. For this reason, soil is the foundation that supports every farm on the planet. Everything else — from seed, to water, to fertilizer — is an input. To best determine what’s happening above ground, we first need to find out what is going on below ground. That’s where the importance of soil testing comes in. Learn how one company is working to bring new insights to farmers at “Leveraging DNA to Unlock the Power of Soil,” a webinar featuring Poornima Parameswaran, co-founder of Trace Genomics.

Trace Genomics was founded on the belief that soil science should be accessible to all, so that farmers can make practical decisions in the field. Soil testing at the DNA level opened up a new layer of data that had never before been accessed at scale but, until now, that technology has been limited to a research environment. Trace Genomics is changing that, bringing soil DNA sequencing to every farmer, agronomist, and stakeholder working with soil. By analyzing soil DNA, the company is helping the industry increase yield and identify potential threats long before they are visible in the field, with actionable insights that make a real difference.

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