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May 15–17  |  Memphis, TN

About Davos on the Delta

Agriculture is changing every day. Not just in terms of the crops that farmers are growing, but also the technology that they’re leveraging to increase yield, boost nutrition or engineer their outputs. It’s a new world for ag — along with new markets and needs for farmers, producers, investors, startup founders, etc — and the time is now for the next generation of industry leaders to stand up, take a position, and drive the future of food and agriculture.

Solving this problem is what Davos on the Delta is all about.

Davos on the Delta can be traced back to Farm Tank, an event created in 2016 by Andy Daniels, the founder of Daniels Trading, and Kevin Van Trump, the founder and publisher of The Van Trump Report. Similar to the television show “Shark Tank,” the event was designed to showcase the intersection of agriculture and technology, featuring the startups and innovators who were making agtech a reality. In a competition-style format, the entrepreneurs got up in front of the group and pitched their technologies. The winner at the end of the day got some funding, but every startup at the event got access to a select group of some of the best connected, most influential investors and executives in agriculture.

It was a win-win.

Andy has been a huge supporter of the City of Memphis for years. After Farm Tank, he wanted to take the idea a step further, inviting a select group of customers and friends from around the country to spend time in the city during the Memphis in May BBQ competition to get together and talk about ag innovation. Andy asked fellow Davos founder John Santi, a native Memphian, to help him assemble some interesting companies to talk to some of his friends and customers during the week long event and present these ideas in a business setting. For attendees, it would be a chance to hear from a number of interesting companies in the agriculture space, while taking a break from the smoke and fire of Memphis in May.

Davos on the Delta was born.

That was the beginning, but in the year-plus since there has emerged so much more to talk about in ag. From Big Data, to Artificial Intelligence, to CRISPR and more; so much has changed in the world of agriculture, on both the trading and the production sides.

The goals of this event are threefold:

  • Starting conversations: The ag industry is very large and spread out, with stakeholders including everyone from farmers, to wholesalers, to landowners, executives, startups, investors, retailers, consumers, and more. It is rare that this industry is able to get in one room to talk about the big issues and challenges they’re all facing. Davos on the Delta strives to identify and present the timeliest information to this select group of industry leaders, kick-starting conversations that aren’t focused on what’s happening today, but what food and ag will look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road.
  • Identifying leaders: The next generation of agriculture innovators aren’t going to come out of corporate R&D departments. They’re going to be entrepreneurs, toiling away at startups and solving big problems. Davos on the Delta is designed to not only bring these entrepreneurs together but to introduce them — and their technologies — to the investors and corporate executives that can help drive their work forward. Over time, these alumni will become the leaders of the agtech revolution.
  • Creating partnerships: Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Partnerships between stakeholders are critical to developing new technologies and making a real impact in the field. But agtech is entering a new phase, as tech finds its way into more and more aspects of the traditional agriculture supply chain. Startups, enterprises and investors need to work together to ensure that the promise of agtech becomes a reality, and these partnerships are formed at Davos on the Delta.

Learn about the latest in food and agriculture innovation. Share your work with key industry partners. Sit down with the leaders in today’s food and agriculture market.


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