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May 15–17  |  Memphis, TN

Davos on the Delta is the Premier Memphis Event in AgTech Innovation

Attracting the top 200 debuting entrepreneurs (50), early adopter customers (50), industry experts (50) and investors (50) to engage in a unique and exclusive conversation beginning with how new technologies and business models are redefining the paradigm of innovation in agriculture and extending to an exploration of future realities with an emphasis on the highest quality thought leadership and a “no agenda” agenda. Davos on the Delta will not only feature the hot topics and thought-provoking conversations to drive innovation forward, but assists in creating the actual relationships that allow those innovations to be brought into the future.

Last Year

Three of our portfolio companies (Agrible, Holganix & Kultevat) walked away with key new customers with major land holdings

Out of 100 attendees last year:

  • 25 Ag industry leaders with advanced degrees
  • 12 patent holders with 87 patents cumulatively
  • 30 Agtech customers/suppliers
  • 24 Ag Investors who have invested $74 million in 250 companies
  • Ag entrepreneurs who’ve exited $410 million in total exit value
  • 24 ag entrepreneurs who have founded 44 startups
  • 900 years of industry experience collectively

In summary, in 2017 startups gained access to a uniquely engaged group of 200 individuals driving the future of agricultural innovation. Startups found new customers, advisors and capital that are shaping their progress today.

This Year

The first 20 start-ups to sign up for Davos on the Delta will gain access to a startup booth, featured slots during presentation panels, a 10-15 minute opportunity to pitch to at least 50 ag-focused investors and 50 potential customers, and opportunities to network privately with curated strategic investor groups.

We are doubling our hand-picked list of attendees from 100 to 200 agriculture experts constituting 50 entrepreneurs/startups, 50 early adopter customers, 50 investors and 50 industry experts. It is a uniquely and intentionally diverse group that enables startups (and all parties) to walk away with important strategic relationships.

This year’s agenda will incorporate agriculture’s hottest topics with a particular focus on market disruption in the next 15-20 years. Panels and keynote speakers will provide unique perspective into what industry leaders think of the future of agriculture, while private side meetings coordinated by the Davos on the Delta Hospitality Team will enable attendees to take thoughts and put them into action.

We look forward to seeing you at Davos on the Delta this May!

Davos on the Delta is a unique and refreshing event that should be a MUST show for anyone interested in understanding and or influencing Ag innovation! As an agtech entrepreneur, the event was very useful in helping me communicate our product innovation to an engaged group of agtech investors and innovative farmers. We were able to collaborate with the right people who could help us move our technology forward!

Barret Ersek

CEO & Founder, Holganix

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