Precision Fermentation

Fermentation has been used in food production for centuries – you can thank it for beer, wine, kimchi, yogurt and much more. But precision fermentation technology is taking this metabolic process to new heights by applying precision biology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more to program microbes to make specific, customized molecules. The result? Alternative proteins and other products that look, taste and perform much more like the real thing than ever before possible. As the costs associated with precision fermentation continue to fall, these basic building blocks are finding new applications across the food system and a wide range of other consumer products.

We discuss precision fermentation, what it’s capable of, where it’s going, and the companies leading the evolution of this powerful technology. We look at the challenges and opportunities facing precision fermentation, how to make the process more efficient, and how to address the coming capacity constraints for food proteins produced by synthetic biology. We are joined by Dr. Doug Cameron, a technology investor and advisor in food, agriculture and applied biology; Mark Warner, a food industry consultant and founder of precision fermentation company Liberation Labs; and Alex Patist, COO of Geltor.

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