Soil Carbon Measurement, Management, and Marketplaces

Healthy soil is at the root of food quality and yield, and soil carbon is a key component of healthy soil. In fact, as the main component of soil organic matter, it is carbon that gives soil its water-retention capacity, its structure and its fertility. But in order for all the benefits of improved soil carbon storage to be realized, a deeper understanding of how to measure, manage & standardize it is needed. It is time for new solutions. In this iSelect Deep Dive on Soil Carbon Measurement, Management and Marketplaces we dug in on all of these challenges and how the market is adapting to support soil health across all three of these verticals. We were joined by Ray Riley from Soil Carbon Co.; Chris Harbourt, Indigo’s head of carbon; Paul Gambill the founder of Nori; David Stanko with Nutrien; and Russ Conser, the CEO of Blue Nest Beef.

Analyst: iSelect Venture Team

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