Innovative Insomniac

The Venture Cafe hosts a gathering every Thursday from 3-8pm to support innovators and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.  As part of this gathering, the Venture Cafe hosts a session called The Innovative Insomniac.

Every entrepreneur faces questions that keep them up at night, the Venture Cafe Gathering provides a venue to ask those questions in front of VCs, Accelerators, and interested community members. The session, The The Innovative Insomniac, is a round table discussion that seeks to answer those questions. The session is about 45 minutes. During the first 7-10 minutes, companies provide a brief pitch of their company so the audience gets a sense of the business. The group then spends the remaining time answering prepared questions. What is keeping them awake at night? (How do you attract good talent? What the best way to structure your cap table? When and how much should you raise for the next round of funding?) The audience is comprised of both green and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as team members from local accelerators and VC firms (including both legal and venture experts). The hope is to create collaboration within the ecosystem and answer those nagging questions keeping businesses owners from growing and succeeding.  

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