One of the things that we’ve discovered is that every place, these ecosystems, have something that they do best, that they’re special about. And, if you go in and you talk to people about where they’ve had success in the past, where their expertise is, you usually find that there’s some really good ideas about how they can do it a little bit better. Make an improvement, solve a problem that people had been struggling with.

That’s really everywhere. It’s not something that’s limited to Silicon Valley, or any other place that happens to have the world’s attention.

In fact, if you look at what Silicon Valley’s doing now, and the investors from there, they’re looking into the heartland to find new good ideas. Because, if you want to go solve a problem about logistics, go to Memphis, Tennessee. They’ve got more logistics expertise than anybody. If you want to talk to farmers, and you’re in agriculture, come to St. Louis, Missouri because we’ve got the best facilities in the world and we’re surrounded by farmland here.

Every place has something special about it, you just have to look for it.