iSelect just completed an investment round in Popbookings, a company that is working to streamline the temporary employment market. Its first focus is in the event-staffing segment, and its tools automate the entire hiring, scheduling, attendance, payroll, and performance reporting processes for both employers and 1099 employees.

iSelect invested because the PopBookings team is terrific and they are going after a growing market. But I was first intrigued when I met PopBookings because I couldn’t figure out if the part-time labor market is a feature or a bug in the current labor markets…

  • Are employers hiring less or do employees want to do something different?

  • Is automation increasing consumer welfare, so we can get more value for a fraction of the work effort?

  • Can we use our ipads to shop, work a 35-hour week, and get more out of life?

  • We worked 100 hours each week on the farm before factories and 40 hours a week since. Our standard of living has increased. Do we need to work less to get more?

Maybe the part-time economy is the leading edge of what is next. I don’t know, but this is what I am reading to figure it out:

Other things I learned this week:

Let me know if you read something I’d like, or if there are other sources I should add to my weekly reading.