PopBookings, the event staffing software that streamlines talent coordination for promotional models, brand ambassadors, street teams, bartenders, and more, is pleased to announce its expansion into the European market with its first services for clients in the U.K.

“PopBookings is the only international, mobile-first platform in the industry,” says co-founder and CEO Erika Klotz. “We’re making it possible for agencies to go mobile, and do so all over the world, without having to invest a lot of upfront capital or build these tools themselves. Our platform has been wildly successful in the U.S. and Canada, so expanding into the U.K., which is the second-largest market in the industry, is very exciting.”

The PopBookings app allows event staffing agencies, their clients, and the contractors they work with to communicate on a unified platform, sending job invites, booking confirmations, payments, and messages seamlessly. The international expansion will not only allow U.K.-based agencies to leverage the platform, but also enable U.S. and Canadian agencies to begin booking clients overseas, which is a significant growth opportunity for the industry.

The most popular part of the PopBookings app is the Geo Check-In feature, which allows promoters and agents to confirm talent arrival and maintain accountability throughout the process. Until now, this feature has been unavailable to international customers due to the time zone differences from country to country. With the latest PopBookings app update, however, this functionality has now been opened up to all users, no matter where they are located, ensuring that notifications are sent at the correct times, in the correct locations, and show up universally for all users.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve been hearing a lot from potential U.K. customers that they love the platform and would love to use it with their clients, but we haven’t been able to serve them until now,” says PopBookings COO and co-founder, Scott Hanson. “For us, it is really exciting to be able to bring these tools to that market and do what we have done in the U.S., helping agencies to connect job opportunities with available workers while at the same time growing their own businesses.”

For more information visit www.popbookings.com or contact the company at (312) 722-6422 or hello@popbookings.com.