Bob Whitaker

Food & Agriculture

Dr. Bob Whitaker joined Produce Marketing Association (PMA) in 2008 as Chief Science & Technology Officer, responsible for food safety, technology, supply chain management and sustainability. Bob has served on the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) Board of Directors and Executive Committee since its founding in 2007 and was the first chair of the CPS technical committee (2008-2013).

Prior to PMA, Bob spent 16 years in the biotechnology field with DNA Plant Technology Corporation (DNAP) as a researcher and finally as Vice President for Fruit and Vegetable Research and Development. After DNAP, Bob worked 10 years at NewStar Fresh Foods and its subsidiary, MissionStar Processing, in food safety, product development and as Vice President of Process Operations.

Actively involved in produce association activities, Bob has served as a volunteer leader for several national and regional industry trade groups including lending his expertise to the development of the leafy greens GAP (good agricultural practices) metrics and serving on the California Leafy Greens Technical Committee during its formative years. Bob has been honored by several groups for technical achievement and leadership including: International Fresh-cut Processors’ Association (IFPA) Technical Achievement Award (2006), U.S. Department of Agriculture National Advisory Committee on Microbial Criteria for Foods committee member (2013), NSF Food Safety Leadership (2015), CPS Leadership (2015) and National Academies of Science Genetically Engineered Crops Review panel (2016).

Bob holds a doctorate in biology from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

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