The American Entrepreneur

Over the last 25 years, virtually all private sector jobs were created by business less than 5 years old.  Between 1988 and 2011, companies more than 5 years old destroyed more jobs than they created in all but a few of those years.  Entrepreneurs succeed while eating sand. Entrepreneurs deliver more real growth, faster, with less resources than any other part of our economy.

What can you do?

Be a Customer

What does every startup need? A customer – so buy from a company that is 5 years or younger.


Across this country there is at least a $8B/yr shortfall in startup investing.  Closing that gap, alone, would drive 4% annual GDP growth.

Pay it Forward

If you are a successful entrepreneur, get back in the game. Find local startups. Help them win.

Get engaged. iSelect will help connect you with regional startups.