Mr. Dan Swiger is a rubber industry veteran and has already founded another plant-based, health-friendly bio materials company. Dan brings his entrepreneurship, vision, agricultural, and commercial experience to support Kultevat’s growth and a new source of natural rubber.

 “We are creating a brand new industry in the United States.”

Today’s natural rubber market is controlled by a cartel of Southeast Asian countries, which heavily influences the supply and price of natural rubber on the open market. This creates huge uncertainties and risks for large end-use rubber consumers such as tire companies and athletic companies. Kultevat is developing the United States’s only source of commercially available natural rubber, allowing consumers around the globe to source a stable supply of natural rubber.

“Kultevat is poised to disrupt the global natural rubber market.”

Kultevat’s disruptive platform relies upon three parts: Developing efficient Russian Dandelion seeds that increases yield per acre, converting the Russian Dandelion into natural rubber using a proven capital-efficient process, and selling bulk natural rubber into a variety of end-use markets, including tires, athletic apparel, and rubber bands. At each step along the way exit opportunities exist for a large strategic acquisition.

“We have a world renowned scientist leading our research and development.”

Dr. Roger Beachy is a world-renowned plant biologist and known in the St. Louis area for serving as the Founding President of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Dr. Beachy oversees all seed development activities allowing further enhancement of Kultevat’s value proposition.