Is Nutrient Reuse the Future of Sanitation?

Is Nutrient Reuse the Future of Sanitation?

What if the waste products we throw away every day could do more for us? What if it were possible to take organic waste, such as food scraps, and recycle it into fuel and fertilizer? We recently sat down with Dan Spracklin, CEO of SoMax Bioenergy, a company that is... Read more

How Manure Might Just Save the Planet

Waste, fertilizer, feces. Manure is one substance that is available all over the world in mass quantities. But it’s also one that, to-date, has not yet been fully leveraged. A number of different innovators are working to change that, developing new manure-based... Read more

Biomass Controls: Innovation for Global Sanitation

Biomass Controls was founded in 2015 as part of the BMGF Re-Invented Toilet Challenge, and its patents are based on protecting the environment and returning nutrients to the soil. The company has employees in India, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the U.S., with... Read more