Why Bioavailability Is the Next Buzzword in Food and Agriculture

Explore the often overlooked aspect of improving the food system – enhancing nutrient bioavailability. This concept is crucial for maximizing the health benefits derived from the food we consume. Learn how the efficiency of nutrient absorption plays a vital role in human health and well-being, and how it can contribute to more sustainable food practices.

Delve into the intricacies of bioavailability, from excessive sugar intake that is too easily absorbed by our bodies, to the complex interactions between various substances that affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Understanding these interactions is key to ensuring that we get the most out of our food, contributing to a more efficient and effective food system.

Like most topics in nutrition, bioavailability of food is complex and multivariate, yet incredibly important to understand. Unravel the factors that influence nutrient absorption and discover how bioavailability has already profoundly impacted the pharmaceutical industry. Recognize its potential to influence our supplements, food products, and animal feed considerably.

Gain insights into the research being conducted to optimize nutrient bioavailability in plant-based and animal-based sources, and how this knowledge can lead to innovative solutions for improving the overall quality of the food system. As we strive for a healthier and more sustainable future, understanding and enhancing bioavailability will be pivotal in addressing nutrition, food waste, and environmental sustainability issues.


Analyst: David Yocom

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