Food Waste

In the world of agricultural technology (“agtech”), increasing agricultural yields are treasured as the holy grail to feed a hungry and growing population. However, it is well documented and more and more understood that there is in fact enough food to feed the world produced today. The challenge is food waste.

Food waste occurs throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork, and impacts fresh and perishable goods disproportionately. The reasons for food waste vary widely, including overproduction, supply chain management, cold chain management, and consumer education.

The problem of food waste is one that impacts and requires involvement from multiple stakeholders, including government, non-profit and for-profit sectors, making it a complex issue to solve, but one that is core to improving the food system going forward. In today’s deep dive, we will explore the means by which startups and for-profit companies are both creating value while helping solve this major issue.


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