Nutrition in Healthcare

Nutrition plays a key role in health and wellbeing. The role of nutrition, which can modify the genetic base, is crucial to the Human life cycle. It’s a science that deals with the balance nutrients in our diet and how the body assimilates them.

Food provides the nutrients and energy required to support the body’s life-sustaining processes. Understanding how the body utilizes nutrients and the extremely complex chemical processes in the body, from breakdown and release of energy to the rebuilding of cells and tissues, is necessary for achieving the maximum genetic potential of the human life cycle.

In the developed world, although food supply can be plentiful, some population groups are not achieving the right level of micronutrients in their diets to support good health. Scientists, physicians, and public health experts all emphasize the importance of diet in improving human health: an adequate diet providing all essential micronutrients will contribute to not only better nutrition but will in the long run also reduce the burden of chronic diseases.


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