The Future of Cheese

Though the concept of plant-based or alternative cheese is not new, the number of high quality non-dairy cheeses has exploded in the past decade. With both health and environmental pressures weighing on the dairy and cheese industries, numerous companies are working to inch dairy free cheeses closer to the performance that dairy cheeses have traditionally held. At the same time, traditional dairy-based cheesemakers are working to meet the needs of today’s consumers by building more sustainable and nutritious products and farming practices.

Joined by Richard Clothier, Managing Director of Wyke FarmsIrina Gerry, CMO of Change FoodsKyleen Keenan, holistic nutritionist and founder of Happyist and Steve Snyder, President and CEO of NewFields Plant-based Cheese; we explored the future of cheese-making and looked to make sense of a rapidly changing landscape for cheese.

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