Entrepreneurs are the single greatest force for economic growth in American history. No government program, monetary incentive, or trade deal is going to outperform the efforts of everyday people, starting companies, hiring others and driving prosperity in their local communities. The fact is, they are the solution to the U.S. push for 4% GDP growth.

That’s the lesson that iSelect CEO Carter Williams shares in this installment of iSelect’s ongoing video series.

iSelect, the team is focused on entrepreneurship. Specifically because, in the ‘50s and the ‘60s, the U.S. saw annual growth on the order of 3% and 4% in GDP. Companies were being started and grown, in every major city in the country. The results of those companies being started and growing were stronger school systems, stronger economies, stronger regions. It slowed down in many ways as companies grew bigger and the economy shifted a bit, and our focus in various ways changed. Our growth in GDP has been declining. We’ve moved more offshore. We stopped innovating as much. We see some pockets of innovation that are exciting, but we’re not applying those same principles elsewhere.

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