Cancer care is entering a new age, transitioning from treatments that attack both cancerous and healthy cells at the same time, to more targeted, specialized therapies that address the root cause of cancer itself without damaging surrounding tissues. Biotech company Immunophotonics is working on one such treatment, developing a proprietary drug for use in a therapeutic cancer vaccine (inCVAX) for the potential treatment of solid, metastatic tumors that leverages the patient’s own immune system to target and attack cancer cells.

The company is pleased to announce that it is now moving forward with plans for a research collaboration with SAKK, a prominent Swiss oncology association dedicated to conducting clinical cancer research, after securing initial signoff from the group’s board of directors. Supported by Immunophotonics, the Swiss study will be conducted within the framework of the SAKK’s New Anticancer Treatments Group (NAT), guaranteeing the feasibility and quality of trial conductance within its affiliated study centers, and is the next step in Immunophotonics’ developmental roadmap.

Additionally, the company has recently added two new clinical sites to its ongoing trials in Peru, Hospital Nacional Arzobispo Loayza and Clínica Ricardo Palma, helping to ramp up patient enrollment in its study in that country. Immunophotonics’ long-term international patent strategy is proceeding as planned, with New Zealand and Singapore as the next countries to issue the critical composition-of-matter patent.

Cancer immunotherapy presents one of the most promising therapeutic advances in cancer care in the last 30 years, and is closing in on offering true, patient-specific precision medicines. Using the patient’s own immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells is simply a better option, and inCVAX in particular offers a treatment that is specific, systemic and targeted like no other option before it.

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