At iSelect, we invest for impact AND performance. We are a research-driven organization dedicated to deep diligence and careful execution.

We invest in companies addressing critical global issues in large markets with a projected financially attractive business model. Our portfolio companies produce low glycemic sugar, design technology to reduce agricultural inputs such as water or fertilizer, breed higher nutrition crops, and make plant-based protein ingredients.  They design deep tech diagnostics and treatments for food-related illnesses.  Our careful diligence portfolio of companies seeks to improve health and quality of life AND provide investors with an attractive return.

We strongly believe that, by investing in innovative agricultural, food and wellness technology companies, and by continuing to support them as they develop, we are extending the impact of the work they are doing to all stakeholders. We are scaling our impact

For example, consider just a few of the 50+ companies in the iSelect portfolio that have gone through Series A and Series B financing rounds and continue to grow

Geltor: By developing and producing non-animal based collagen, Geltor’s platform technology is making it cost effective to provide sustainable and beneficial proteins to the cosmetic, food, beverage, nutritional supplement, and healthcare industries. But that is just the beginning. The company’s mission is to improve billions of lives through biodesign, creating the world’s most advanced designer proteins that are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated. 

Brightseed: An artificial intelligence-powered nutrition company, Brightseed is mapping unique micronutrients in the plant kingdom to specific human health conditions where they can have the highest impact. So far, its work has identified compounds to treat food-related conditions like Fatty Liver Disease and it has partnered with Danone to accelerate its research and usher in a new era of discovery and precision nutrition.

Growers Edge: Low profitability has made farmers risk averse, limiting the adoption of innovative technologies that can drive yield, nutrition, sustainability, and, as a result, farmer profitability. Growers Edge is partnering with agribusinesses to create financial products that guarantee outcomes for growers, accelerating the adoption of new technology and limiting the risk to the farmer. Better growing decisions, more profitable farms, and a more sustainable food system are the result.

iSelect was not conceived as an impact investment fund. Our focus has always been on finding the best and brightest entrepreneurs and investing to support them in their ventures in ways that generate positive economic returns. When the winners emerge, we double down on those. The best and brightest are currently revolutionizing agriculture and personalized medicine. They are solving big problems. And that impact drives actual performance.