There are a variety of reasons startups like to work with iSelect.

First of all, we are a very approachable team. We get along well with our startups. We usually develop strong, personal relationships. And we’re helpful, whether or not they eventually become a portfolio company of ours or not, we are invested in the startup ecosystem and we want to see people succeed.

Secondly, we’re flexible capital, and that flexibility comes two ways. First of all, we can invest at literally any stage, from seed through a C round. And so there aren’t a whole lot of VCs out there investing at the seed level, and there aren’t a whole lot of VCs out there investing at a C stage with flexibility to be as small as $250,000 or as big as $2 million.

Third, we do bring to bear a network of domain experts that are world-renowned, and it literally is unprecedented in terms of the access that we can provide to people and companies. These guys that we’re bringing to the table have all been there, done that, leaders in their field, and any startup would be begging to get access to their Rolodex. And that’s part of what we’re providing.