Some people sometimes ask why is now the right time for venture. The answer is now is not explicitly the right time. Venture is something we need in our economy at all times. Now is no better than any other particular time.

The question is, why ever stop?

If we look in 2007, the iPhone was introduced. The moment before the iPhone was introduced, no one had any idea what it would bring, and now we can’t live without the iPhone.

When we look at any of the challenges we face in our economy, whether it be food, or healthcare, or any of those types of things, and we sit there and we say, “Oh, there is no way to get healthcare costs down. There is no way to produce enough food. There is no way to build an electric car that will operate effectively.” The reality is there is someone somewhere who has an insight about how to build a product that will answer that problem. If they put the resources at it, they will solve that problem.

The people who provide the capital for that resource are people who invest in ventures. As long as we need new technology to make life better, to make our lives more enjoyable, and all the different things that we seek, we need venture capital to help fuel those entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs at the end of the day, are the people who deliver unexpected benefit.