Alzheimer’s Diagnostics: Advancing the State of the Art

Understanding the Latest Advances in Alzheimer’s Diagnostics

This iSelect Deep Dive offers valuable insights into cutting-edge research on Alzheimer’s diagnostics. The discussion covers various risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s, including age and genetics, and highlights the importance of understanding user needs. The speakers also delve into the latest technologies being used to detect Alzheimer’s, including blood-based biomarkers, nanodiagnostics, and AI/machine learning applications.

The conversation provides an overview of the different approaches to diagnosing Alzheimer’s, and explains how blood-based biomarkers are becoming an increasingly attractive option due to their less invasive nature. The speakers discuss how these biomarkers are being developed and tested, highlighting the potential cost savings associated with a simple blood test for Alzheimer’s.

In addition to discussing the latest research on Alzheimer’s diagnostics, the speakers offer insights into the challenges of developing accurate and reliable diagnostic tests. They explain the complexities of detecting low-abundance proteins like amyloid beta, and discuss the importance of using mass spectrometry to achieve greater sensitivity and specificity in biomarker detection.

Overall, this iSelect Deep Dive provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research on Alzheimer’s diagnostics, including the cutting-edge technologies used to detect the disease. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a researcher, or simply interested in the latest advances in medical research, this discussion offers valuable insights into the future of Alzheimer’s diagnostics.


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