Green, LEED, and environmental sustainability are all becoming increasingly important to tenants and customers. Simultaneously, how a property looks, from the grass to the ornamental plants, also carries weight in the leasing decision. But, landscaping is a cost center that has to be managed. And being green can be expensive.

But, it doesn’t have to be. There is a new product on the market that allows you to minimize costs, maximize profits, be green, and improve the health and vitality of your landscaping.

Efficient, Effective, Green

Enter Holganix.

Holganix is a 100% organic plant probiotic that balances the soil’s ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, more resilient plants. You may have heard of a few of its clients –  prestigious golf courses, such as Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield or Crooked Stick, and professional baseball and football teams, such as the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs and the Miami Dolphins. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Inputs: Holganix can reduce the use of inputs by 50% to 75% by increasing the effectiveness of what is already being added.  Whether you are using organic fertilizers or want to go greener by using less synthetic additives (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides), Holganix lowers the cost of environmental sustainability.
  • Reduced Water Usage: By increasing root mass, Holganix provides grass and plants with access to water that roots can’t usually reach and acts as a soil conditioner and wetting agent. LEED conservation credits may be available for your reduced water usage.
  • Reduced Mowing Costs: Holganix reduces surge growth often experienced at times during the growing season.  More reliable growth patterns make it easier to mow turf grass and offer a more uniform appearance throughout the season.
  • Reduced Transplant Shock: Healthy soil and the promotion of strong roots make it easier for plants and sod to adapt to a new environment after transplant.
  • Increased Stress Tolerance: Plants with stronger roots are better able to defend against environmental stresses and more easily recover when attacked by disease, insects and weather.

Clear Benefits for REITs

How does Holganix accomplish this? Its products contain 1) 800+ species of living beneficial microbes that break down nutrients and stimulate healthy plant growth, 2) biological food sources that feed the microbes, and 3) helpful plant extracts and soil minerals. All of this works together to support healthier turf and plants, in combination with organic fertilizers and other existing inputs, by:

  • Balancing the Soil Food Web: When the soil food web is in balance, soil microbes go to work breaking down nutrients within the soil, fortifying plant health and stimulating plant growth.
  • Building Strong Roots: When plants have strong root systems, they are better able to withstand environmental stresses from disease, insects, traffic and weather.

For property managers, Holganix can contribute to a more sustainable, more efficient landscape management program.

Case Studies

Brandon Haley, the Grounds Manager at Red Diamond Tea’s 72-acre corporate campus in Moody, Alabama, knows the advantages of going green with Holganix first hand. He has incorporated it into his planting and turf care program on the property, and says he will never go back to synthetics.

We’ve cut back on irrigation by 75% over the last three years,” he says, adding that “because our roots were so deep, I was able to go extra days without watering.”

Haley has also seen efficiency gains, cutting back on fertilizer use by 27% in 2015. He expects to see further nitrogen reductions going forward.

He’s not alone.

Ray Cuzzone, the Director of Landscape Services at Mountain Lake Corporation, a private residential community in Lake Wales, Fla., has seen similar results, with healthier, more disease and insect resistant turf across his property.

“If you’ve got a healthier plant; you’ve got a better situation overall,” he says. “Your goal as a landscaper is to build up the plant’s health as much as possible.”

A New Option

Holganix’s original turf product, Holganix Lawn, is its first offering and what the company was built on. It was built with property managers in mind.

But Holganix has recently released a new option for the commercial property market to help managers better maintain their turf. Called Two-Ten-Twenty, it is a fertilizer that contains micro food sources and nutrient enhancers to work in conjunction with other products to increase nutrient uptake, build soil health and promote overall plant health.

Click here to learn more about Holganix and its range of turn and plant probiotics products.