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Travis Potter: Farming to Make Your Price

Travis Potter farms to make a price and, in turn, make profit in unusual ways. From his organic Tractor Soda to growing avocados in the Dakotas, Travis finds profitability in places that most farmers wouldn’t think to consider. Travis shares his philosophy for making a price for his farm products in the second installment of the Davos on the Delta Podcast.

Dr. Bruce German: Making Food Functional

Could changing your diet prep your brain for learning something new like playing the violin? Research by Dr. Bruce German at the University of California, Davis indicates that future is not as far-fetched (or far off) as it may sound. In this edition of the Davos on the Delta Podcast, we dive into the future of functional foods that could dramatically impact, not only health, but also physical and mental performance. And is it a new frontier for farmer profitability?

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