Seed Funds Are Finding the Midwest, But We’ve Been Here All Along

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came to St. Louis recently, visiting with entrepreneurs, local leaders and small business owners at the Cortex Innovation Community, not far from the iSelect office. He was in town to launch a new small business development initiative called Facebook Community Boost which, according to them, is going to help business owners in flyover country finally reach their digital potential. That’s great, and the fact that St. Louis was his first stop on a planned 30-city tour was no accident.

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What iSelect Offers to Startup Entrepreneurs

There are a variety of reasons startups like to work with iSelect.

First of all, we are a very approachable team. We get along well with our startups. We usually develop strong, personal relationships. And we’re helpful, whether or not they eventually become a portfolio company of ours or not, we are invested in the startup ecosystem and we want to see people succeed. Secondly, we’re flexible capital, and that flexibility comes two ways. First of all, we can invest at literally any stage, from seed through a C round. And so there aren’t a whole lot of VCs out there investing at the seed level, and there aren’t a whole lot of VCs out there investing at a C stage with flexibility to be as small as $250,000 or as big as $2 million.


We’re Challenging the Financial Services Industry to Think About Venture Investing

Venture capital investing remains one of the highest yielding investment classes available today and a large part of that outperformance is based on the illiquidity premium, which is the higher yield that investors can find by investing in products that are not easily traded. Venture, where the typical investment lasts at least five years, is a textbook example of the illiquidity premium in action, and presents upside that is uncorrelated to the ebbs and flows of the larger stock and bond markets.

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