Peter Thiel Is Bullish on the Midwest. So Are We

Peter Thiel is one of the savviest investors of our time. His $2.5 billion net worth is proof of that. So when Thiel says the next big innovations will be born in the American Midwest, it’s probably a safe bet that he’s onto something — especially since he is planning to put his money where his mouth is.  

So why exactly is Thiel homing in on the Midwest as the new epicenter for his VC funding?  It’s simple: Because costs are low and innovation is high.

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Are Retiring Boomers to Blame for Slow Economic Growth?

The U.S. economy grew at roughly 2.5% last year, below the 3% benchmark that policymakers have targeted going forward, indicating a general economic slowdown that might be difficult to reverse. Are retiring Baby Boomers to blame?

That’s the premise of a recent article in The Wall Street Journal titled, “As Boomers Go Gray, Even 2% Growth Will Be Hard to Sustain.” The premise of the article is that the economy is reverting to the “new normal” of slower growth, and the millions of Baby Boomer who are leaving the workforce for retirement are partly to blame.

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