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At iSelect we are focused on supporting soil and crop health solutions to meet surging global protein demand, improve the taste, nutrition and affordability of food, boost farmer profitability, and increase environmental sustainability.

Featured Companies

Agrible, Inc.

Agrible sells software that connects the agricultural supply chain from field-to-market, providing critical sustainability,agronomic, and yield data. Learn more…

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Artemis, Inc.

Artemis is a software company making indoor farming profitable, efficient and traceable, enabling growers to drive the indoor farming revolution. Learn more…

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EarthOptics is building the technologies and data products that will allow for the accurate measurement and modeling of key soil attributes, enabling land managers to improve soil health and unlock the value of healthy soils. Learn more…

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Growers Edge Financial, Inc

Growers Edge offers warranty and lending products and services in the agtech marketplace. Their warranties help farmers by guaranteeing yield with the adoption of new technologies. Learn more…

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Harpe Bioherbicide

Harpe is focused on providing natural and sustainable solutions to expand and provide new opportunities for organic agriculture while reducing, replacing, and synergizing with synthetic chemical use in row & specialty crops and commercial & consumer markets. Learn more…

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Holganix, LLC

Holganix produces organic plant probiotics that make soils and plants healthier, more resilient, and more productive. Learn more…

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Kula Bio, Inc.

Kula Bio is an agriculture biotechnology company that aims to extend the life of microbes to unlock their biological potential and maximize their impact. Learn more…

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Kultevat, Inc.

Kultevat combines genetic breeding and chemical process engineering to produce natural rubber from the Russian dandelion in North America. Learn more…

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Plant Response, Inc.

PlantResponse Biotech is a Raleigh, NC based company that is developing and commercializing biologically related products that improve plant health and protect yield potential. Learn more…

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Plastomics, Inc.

Plastomics has developed a proprietary genetic engineering model that can produce high performing crops through editing the chloroplast. Learn more…

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Stony Creek Colors

Stony Creek Color’s bio-based dyes are made without toxic chemicals and provide traceable and sustainable products to the garment industry.  Learn more…

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Vence Corp.

Vence’s digital platform reduces the cost and increases the environmental sustainability of pastured livestock production, starting by giving farmers more control over the movement of their animals with virtual fencing.  Learn more…

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Vestaron, Inc.

Vestaron is developing new products in the crop protection industry that address the growing concerns of resistance, high costs of R&D, and safety/environmental externalities. Learn more…

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