The iSelect network sees new things every day, some of which are investable, some of which are not, but each gives us an insight — how to treat diabetes, how to improve soil health, how to build a better team, etc. These are some of them.

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System C: The Convergence of Food and Health

We’re here to talk about food system innovation. When we first started this conference, we talked about agtech, and as investors we also focus on healthcare and the convergence of healthcare and agriculture. Innovation is now being discussed as food system innovation. And, so we’ve invited you all and eager to have you participate in the conversation about how we make food improve health and life.

4 Investment Themes for 2021

With 2021 well underway and public markets still exuberant, we think it’s an important time to highlight some of the key private market venture investment themes that iSelect Fund has identified for the year.


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Deep Dives

Each month our analyst team reviews an emerging trend in healthcare or agriculture — outlining macro-trends, industry sub-sectors, key influencers, market leaders, and potential investment opportunities.

AgriFood Conversations

iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute sponsor a series of weekly webinars featuring new and exciting companies at the forefront of food and agriculture innovation.

Crusonia Conversations

Crusonia is dedicated to fostering conversations and relationships on the dramatically changing global food system with special emphasis on the fact that Food Is Health.